“Hunters Point will be the first entirely ‘zero-energy ready’ community in Manatee County, where each residence and lodge will produce as much if not more energy than it consumes,” said Marshall Gobuty, founder, and principal of Pearl Homes, the developer of Hunters Point and the award-winning USGBC Platinum community, Mirabella, located in neighboring Bradenton.

The 86 residences built by Pearl Homes will offer 500 square feet of living space under air, with 1,450 square feet of total usable space, including spectacular rooftop and exterior decks. The 62 lodge style properties are designed for extended stay rental and will feature 800 square feet of interior living space, with waterfront porches featuring panoramic bay views.

Pearl Homes revealed details behind the Hunters Point Resort and Marina and its zero-energy ready Pearl Home™ this afternoon, set to debut in Cortez, Florida’s oldest fishing village later this year.

The plans were presented at the Board of County Commissioners Land and Use meeting held in Bradenton on Thursday, January 11, 2018. At the meeting Pearl Homes received its final approval to move forward on the Hunters Point project.

Each Hunters Point property comes with a new electric-powered Tesla vehicle, to further Pearl Homes’ commitment to the environment and energy efficiency. Hunters Point will also feature a private marina with 48 boat slips, an alternative energy powered water taxi, a fast-casual style bistro, and an energy- and water-efficient amenity center. The development will reflect a modern interpretation of Florida’s traditional “cracker cottage” style of the early 20th century, highlighting the village’s historic elements while integrating advanced environmental technology that will reduce net energy use and drive down utility costs towards zero.

“Our design allows for natural breezes for cooling and ventilation throughout the residence. This approach further reduces the demands of energy to power air conditioning and fans,” said Beth McDougal, the lead architect on the Hunters Point Resort and Marina and Founder of McDougal Architects in Boston, Mass., who is leading the architectural team for Pearl Homes.

The Pearl Home also reinvents home buying, with an impressive construction turnaround time, from purchase date to move-in, estimated at just 118 days. The innovative home will integrate advanced environmental technology reducing net energy use and driving down utility costs toward zero.

“Every home will have a solar array, with battery storage, enabling them to achieve zero energy consumption, with the ability to generate excess power,” said Gary Carmack, Pearl Homes’ Vice President.

To achieve this, each Pearl Home will feature:

  • PV rooftop solar panels
  • Battery storage system, providing backup electrical power after sunset
  • An electric car charging station for EPV (electric powered vehicles)
  • The homes will also be constructed to meet LEED Platinum green criteria, outfitted with ENERGY STAR appliances, which are certified by the U.S. Department of Energy, as an ENERGY STAR-certified appliance will use anywhere from 10 to 50 percent less energy each year than a non-energy efficient equivalent.
  • Panasonic “Smart Community” technology, including high-speed fiber-optic network, smart street lighting, enhanced security monitoring, and improved public services.

The Pearl Homes team, which is also the team behind Bradenton’s LEED Platinum Mirabella Homes also plans to pursue certification from the nation’s most recognized leaders in green design and sustainability, including the USGBC’s LEED; the EPA’s ENERGY STAR, Indoor AirPlus, and WaterSense; and The Living Future Institute’s Net Zero Energy programs.

To oversee implementation of the home’s cutting-edge technologies, the Pearl Homes Energy Team (PHET) has partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Zero Energy Ready Home program and the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC), the University of Central Florida’s energy research institute. The FSEC has pioneered advancements in environmental technology design, planning, and deployment since 1975.

Janet McIlvaine, Senior Research Analyst of the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC,) along with Gary Carmack, will ensure the energy efficiency and pursue certification from Zero Energy Ready Homes, the USGBC, Energy Star, WaterSense, EPA AirPlus, and Resnet/HERS Rating.

At last count, there were only 1600 homes built to this level of energy efficiency in the country, with only 47 in Florida. Between Hunters Point and the other communities in the pipeline, Pearl Homes will become the largest builder of zero energy homes by 2020 with more than 1000 homes currently planned across multiple communities in Florida.

Gobuty is already well known in Bradenton and across the green building and design industries. In 2015, he broke ground on Mirabella, a 55+ community of 158 LEED Platinum certified homes, repurposing an abandoned golf course in the local Village Green community. In 2017, The U.S. Green Building Council named Gobuty “Power Builder of the Year,” in recognition of Mirabella’s award-winning, eco-friendly design, and construction.

“We want to show what can be done when you work with the right energy and technology leaders from around the world, while also respecting the sensitivities of a community and the rich history it has,” said Gobuty. “Hunters Point will be the model community for sustainable design across the country.”